Sealand Gift Bundle

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Noble Title: Lord


T-Shirt Type: Unisex Sealand Flag Tee (White)

Unisex Sealand Flag Tee (White)
Unisex Sealand Flag Tee (White)
Unisex Coat of Arms Tee (Grey)
Sealand Security T-Shirt (Black)

Size: S


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Sealand Gift Bundle: The Ultimate Sealander Experience

Classic Lord or Lady Official Title

Elevate Your Status
Step into the world of nobility with the Classic Lord or Lady title. Experience the luxury with a parchment Deed of Title adorned with an embossed gold Coat of Arms, a detailed Sealand history & information pack, photos of the Principality, and an official document holder to keep your title safe.

Lord or Lady of Sealand Keyring

Carry Your Title Everywhere
Introducing the brand-new Sealand keyring, the perfect accessory for every official Lord or Lady of Sealand. Let the world know your noble status whenever you reach for your keys.

T-Shirts: Wear Your Pride

Choose from three distinct designs, each telling a unique Sealand story:

1. White Sealand Flag Tee: A unisex tee that lets you wear the Sealand flag close to your heart. Crafted with 100% cotton, its sleek, minimalistic design comes with a warning: May cause a heightened sense of Freedom!

2. Grey Coat of Arms Tee: A bold unisex tee featuring the Principality’s Coat of Arms and custom Sealand font. Made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester, it's a statement piece that warns of the heightened sense of Freedom it may induce.

3. Black Sealand Security T-Shirt: More than just a tee, it's a legacy. The standard issue of the Sealand Guard for over twenty years, wearers of this t-shirt have proudly defended the independence of our Principality.

Gift the ultimate Sealander experience. Whether it's for you or a loved one, this bundle is a testament to Sealand's spirit, history, and commitment to freedom.
Additional Information
Noble Title

Lord, Lady

T-Shirt Type

Unisex Sealand Flag Tee (White), Unisex Coat of Arms Tee (Grey), Sealand Security T-Shirt (Black)


S, M, L, XL, 2XL