Please Donate To The Nepalese Disaster Fund

Please Donate To The Nepalese Disaster Fund
Nachrichten aus Seeland

During the Second World War as a young Major in the infantry, Prince Roy commanded a compliment of men in the ‘Eighth India division’ of the British Army. He was immensely proud to have served with the Gurkhas at the battle of Monte Casino, described as the most impregnable fortress in Europe, guarding the gateway to Rome from the allied advance. Over this period he became blood brother to a Gurkha and throughout his life always spoke very highly of their bravery and tenacity.

On behalf of my father and in recognition of their bravery, Sealand is making a donation to the Nepalese disaster fund.

We encourage all Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand, as well as all followers, to salute fellow warriors in the face of adversity by following this link:

Prince Michael of Sealand

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