Sealand's 2023 Highlights: From 60 Minutes to Nas Daily Visit and Beyond

Sealand's 2023 Highlights: From 60 Minutes Fame to Nas Daily Visit and Beyond
Nachrichten aus Seeland

1. Sealand's Spotlight on 60 Minutes


This year Sealand was featured on the renowned "60 Minutes." This segment not only delved into our rich history and the foundation of our principality but also showcased the vibrant life and culture of our online community. This exposure on a global network brought Sealand into the limelight, inviting the world to understand our unique nation. For an in-depth look at this feature, explore the full story here.


2. Nas Daily's Exploration of Sealand


Nas Daily, one of the most popular social media influencers and storytellers, paid a visit to our country, capturing the essence of Sealand in his unique style. His feature, "This is How You Start a Country," provided a fresh perspective on our principality's journey, highlighting the determination and spirit that define Sealand. His visit has been a significant step in spreading our story to a diverse, global audience. Delve into his Sealand adventure here.


3. Sealand's Feature in New York Magazine


The year also brought us into the spotlight in New York Magazine, where Sealand was hailed as the 'best gift ever'. This feature underlines the allure and prestige of becoming a Baron or Baroness of Sealand, reflecting our growing appeal in popular culture. Read the full article here.


4. The Launch of Sealand's New ID Card


A major milestone in 2023 was the introduction of our new ID card. This innovative step represents Sealand's commitment to technological advancement and provides a tangible connection for our global supporters. It's a symbol of belonging and pride for Sealanders and Nobles, offering a modern way to identify with our growing nation. To learn more about this ground-breaking initiative, visit this link.


5. Sealand Seahawks' Impressive Year


Our sports team, the Sealand Seahawks, had an extraordinary year, reflecting the growing enthusiasm for sports within our community. Their achievements have not only brought us together but have also put Sealand on the sports map. The team's progress is a story of determination, skill, and the unifying power of sports. Read about their exciting journey in 2023 here.


6. Towards Sealand E-Citizenship


The discussions around the roadmap to Sealand e-citizenship marked a pivotal point in our journey towards a more connected and digital future. These updates are aimed at enhancing the experiences of our citizens globally, making Sealand's presence more accessible and interactive in the digital world. To get a glimpse into our digital future, check out this article.

Register your interest in our e-citizenship here.


7. Growing Our Online Community

2023 marked a significant expansion in Sealand's digital footprint, not only with the creation of official Facebook and WhatsApp groups but also with the remarkable growth of our TikTok account, now boasting over 400,000 followers. These platforms collectively have enhanced our online community, creating robust networks for Sealanders and Nobles globally to connect, share experiences, and collaborate, further solidifying the bonds within our diverse and dynamic community.

As we step into 2024, we're thrilled to hint at an upcoming surprise in the early months. To ensure you're among the first to know, don't forget to join our newsletter!

Here's to a fantastic New Year filled with joy, prosperity, and exciting new beginnings.

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Bonjour j aimerait savoir comment avoir un passeport de votre pays merci

January 20, 2024 at 13:19pm
Baron George Day

Happy New Year to the government employees & volunteers and to our beloved Royal Family!

January 6, 2024 at 11:13am

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