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After over 40 years of entirely independent economic, social, political and geographic independence in the North Sea the Principality in late June of 2006 suffered a devastating fire which has crippled its infrastructure significantly. In common with other island countries, our resources here are limited; the difficulties this disaster presented were compounded by the effects upon our population and industries.

A press release covering the incident and subsequent activities may be found in the official notices section. 

sealand on fire
sealand boat

We know the loyalty shown by those across the globe who have supported the Principality. We have added a ‘donation’ option for people who might wish to contribute to the reconstruction required. Preliminary estimates put the figure at approximately a million dollars. Any help which can be offered will be most appreciated by those of us who live here and those who hope someday to be able to visit and to share, however briefly, in our way of life. Help us today for a better tomorrow.

An update in 2015: We have been making developments to the Principality, as well as essential maintenance.

Using your donations, we have purchased a new wind turbine and had our original turbine reconditioned too. All of our day to day operations are now from 100% renewable energy. We only operate the generators for lifting personnel onto the fortress or if heavy machinery is required during maintenance works.

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