Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, seven miles off the eastern shores of Britain on the World War 2 fort ‘Roughs Tower’.

The country‘s national motto: ‘E Mare, Libertas’ (From the Sea, Freedom), has reflected its enduring struggle for liberty for over half a century. One of the pillars of our survival against the odds is the support of individuals from all over the globe, who together make up the Sealand community. Their support has allowed us to uphold our status as a bastion of independence and freedom, which serves as a powerful example of what is possible to people all over the world.



  • " C u b a o f f t h e e a s t c o a s t o f t h e U K "

    A phrase once uttered by the UK government about Sealand

    Sealand has a chapel and gym, as well as an infamous jail cell located at the very depths of the North Tower

  • Nationals

    The Sealand flag has reached the highest peak on four continents, including the summit of Mount Everest

    Our national dish is

    Sealand has international teams in: Soccer, American Football and Ice Hockey

  • We have an embassy in

    A r g e n t i n a

    Prince Michael has successfully defended Sealand against nine invasion attempts.