Premium Noble Title Bundles

Lord, Lady, Baron or Baroness of Sealand

For Lords, Ladies, Barons, and Baronesses, the experience is equally prestigious. Each title comes with a gold-embossed parchment Title Deed, also personally signed, and includes an official document holder, alongside a deep dive into Sealand’s history and breathtaking photos of our nation. Each title symbolizes a connection to Sealand’s legacy and a celebration of its spirit of independence and unity.


Sir or Dame of Sealand

Step into Sealand’s esteemed nobility with our Premium Titles. Whether as a Sir or Dame, you will be honoured with a premium knighthood, complete with a luxury parchment Title Deed embossed with gold, personally signed by Sovereign Prince Michael. Embrace the Knights Code of Chivalry, delve into Sealand’s rich history with an exclusive information pack, and cherish photos of the Principality. 


All Title Deeds are beautifully presented in a black gold-foiled document holder, accompanied by a complimentary 1-year FREE SEAMAIL subscription.

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