Baronial Titles

Baronial Titles: Can I Purchase One?

Through the government: technically not. In Scotland, you may buy a baronial title, but the prices are usually extortionate, and out of the reach of average Joe. However, with the advent of Sealand’s titles, we offer our own official Baronial titles for a great and affordable price.


What Are The Baronial Titles?

Well, there are the Baron and Baroness titles we offer. These are the female and male counterparts of the Baronial titles. If you’re looking for more general titles, then we also offer: Count, Duke, Lord, and Sir, titles, just for you. At an affordable price, you can finally become the Baron you’ve always wanted to be.

History Of Baronial Titles

The word baron originates from the Old French word “Baron”, from the latin word Baron, meaning servant. A strange beginning to a noble title, but it soon evolved further, gaining notability, especially in France from Napoleon himself. Now, the title holds little significance in privilege and with new laws implemented, the title has become more of a novelty or a statement, than a serious political or social upper hand.


Baronial Titles Now?

These titles no longer hold their legal status like they used to. Much of their privilege has diminished, and many are simply social statements to prove wealth or to represent a family line. This is why Sealand’s Baronial titles are just as valid these days, as their English counterparts. Simply a symbol of self-expression and social status, you can elevate your own name by adding this Baronial title to your side.

What Will I Receive When Purchasing A Sealandish Baronial title?


As a whole, you will receive your certificate, packed with photos of the principality of Sealand. you will have all the documents you require too, to properly confirm your title. If you’d like even more with your certificate, then you may upgrade your Baronial title so it comes with a frame and will be signed by prince Micheal himself!