Become A Baron Or Baroness

How To Become A Baron Or Baroness

The noble principality of Sealand is looking to welcome and honour new members of its prestigious peerage. This is no mere manor or grounds, Sealand is the world’s smallest state and a celebration of freedom and individuality. Its courageous people have already fought off the elements, and even invasion. With a wide array of titles, including lordships and ladyships, you can join the nobility of Sealand easily.

What is a Baron?

Similar to what we expect from the title of sir or dame, Barons were traditionally knights of warriors that had pledged their allegiance to a king or prince. In fact, the word itself comes from the Old French and means freeman or warrior. Prince Charles himself holds the title of Baron (among others). The question is – are you, or someone you know, ready to join their ranks?

And What’s a Baroness?

As you might expect, a Baroness is the female equivalent of a Baron. There are no differences between the titles, they hold the same weight. Once again, it is a title held in high esteem which would place you among some of the strongest and most elite women in the country. Your new homestead is in international waters, seven miles off the eastern shores of Britain, but the appeal of holding a title reaches far further. Sealand is a micronation and as such has the right to issue these legal noble titles with a range of aristocratic names and honours – from lords to counts to barons. You won’t get a seat in the House of Lords but the titles issued are legal. Your new life as emissary of Sealand could be about to begin.

Buy A Baron Or Baroness Title

European noble houses have a long history of selling royal titles. It used to be common practice for wealthy individuals to purchase their rights to ennoblement from the reigning king or prince of a nation to raise their profile or secure a good marriage. Times may have changed and the inherited right to a country house can no longer be transferred but the titles of Sealand are still up for grabs and you can easily buy a baron or baroness title.

When your new baron and baroness titles are conferred you would be in good company. Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, also known as Baron von Edward Sheeran of Sealand, also holds the title. We’re delighted to have him as part of our Sealand royal family. There also plenty of other popular cultural figures who have joined the nobility in different ways, like becoming a duke or duchess.

He joined the ranks as he’s fascinated by the history of our proud nation. But perhaps you’re keen to get the best restaurant table by booking as a Baron? Or just looking for an unusual present for someone with aspirations? Here’s how buying baron titles works.


How To Become A Baron Or Baroness

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the digital realm of Sealand right here. Now your royal title is just around the corner. We’re proud to have a range of packages on offer to get you the perfect birthday gift, a Christmas present with a difference or just the chance to elevate your status for a bit of harmless fun.

It’s easy to order online and you get a title pack with the history and geography of your new brave homeland. Order now and we’ll issue your pack, and title document, as soon as we can. This will be the same case for any other titles, like when you become a count or countess.