Become A Duke Or Duchess

How To Become A Duke Or Duchess

Becoming a Duke or Duchess is a grand privilege, holding the highest among titles of nobility. Being addressed as “Your Grace” and referred to as “His/Her Grace” comes with high status and a place in Sealand’s impressive Royal Peerage. Do want to become a Duke or Duchess of a state which celebrates uniqueness and freedom? As an independent state, the fortress island has the ability to issue legal titles so you can legally take on and purchase the title of Duke or Duchess of Sealand.

Sealand is set far enough from the English coastline, outside of British waters that it is able to be its own, independent micro-nation. Your new homeland is situated around 12 kilometers off the coast of Suffolk and with claiming your new title you will receive an Official Title Pack including the Official Documents to prove your elite status of Duke or Duchess.

You will be joining an impressive class; with the likes of Prince William and Kate Middleton holding the titles of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and The Duke of the Normans – a title granted during the reign of Richard II. If you feel you or someone you know deserves to be considered in these ranks, taking on the title of the Duke or Duchess of Sealand is the perfect answer. It is one of the highest ranking titles of nobility, with Count or Countess titles being quite close behind.

Owning A Piece Of Sealand Territory With Your Duke Or Duchess Title

As an additional extra you can also be the proud owner of a piece of Sealand Territory, you will receive a Property Title Certificate to a Square Foot of Sealand Territory to prove your ownership. You can do this with any of our titles, even with a Knighthood or Damehood title. When purchasing a piece of Sealand Territory with your Duke or Duchess title you will be helping us to maintain and improve our state, keeping Sealand independent for many years to come.


What You Will Receive With Your Duke/Duchess Title

Your Official Title Pack will include a Framed and Personalised Individual Noble Title Deed personally signed by Prince Regent Michael of Sealand, a personalised proof of Title Gold Card and all your Official Documents will be presented in an elegant folder. You will also receive an abundance of information about your new homestead; including information on the Principality of Sealand, the location and history of Sealand, photos of the Principality and its Royal Family, a complete World Fact book entry, a structure of the Government and biographies of Prince Roy, Princess Joan and Prince Regent Michael. You can get this with lord or lady titles and other noble titles as well, it is not purely exclusive to Dukes/Duchesses.


How To Become A Duke Or Duchess

If you think you deserve our highest ranking title of Sealand or are searching for an extremely unique gift for someone special, the Duke or Duchess Title is the perfect, exclusive gift. Ordering your title pack is quick and simple and we will grant you with the privileged title as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you want a slightly cheaper yet just as prestigious title, look at becoming a Baron or Baroness.



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