Hereditary Titles

What Are They And How Many Are There?

In the past, the term “hereditary title” has hindered many who wish to inherit a noble title for themselves. Being born into an aristocratic family already bestowed with a hereditary title is just simply luck. At Sealand, our Sealandish non-hereditary titles are here to counteract this.


First, What Are All The Hereditary Titles?

As listed, the hereditary titles are: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron. Commoner titles include the Lord, which isn’t really a hereditary title within the United Kingdom. Sealand highly respects the hereditary titles of the past, and in turn, have adopted many of their names and traditions for Sealand’s own lucrative hereditary titles. For example, Sealand’s hereditary titles include the Count, Duke, Lord, Baron, and Sir titles. (Disclaimer: Sealand titles are non-hereditary, and are simply being mentioned as such to inform the reader that Sealand titles are similar to English hereditary titles, not the same.)


Our Own 'Hereditary' Titles At Sealand

Can I Obtain A Hereditary Title?

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain a hereditary title in the standard way. As in the name, they are hereditary titles – so they are passed on through families. However, Sealand does offer their own Sealandish titles to replace your need for a hereditary titles. We find the idea of hereditary titles unfair, unjust, and we believe that these titles should be shared properly for those who deserve them: not those who inherit them.


Hereditary Titles Now

Hereditary titles have been around since the concept of England itself. They once held much more weight for those who carried them, having many more legal privileges than they do today. There are some titles that have become non-hereditary in recent centuries, with the House Of Lords becoming filled with more life peers than those with hereditary titles. These still however, seem out of reach for the everyday people.


What Will I Receive When Purchasing A Sealand 'Hereditary' Title?

Good Question: if you purchase a Hereditary-like title from Sealand, it will first come with the certificate of your title. This will allow you to confirm your title properly. The document will also include various photos of Sealand over the years; and if you get the full package, you may get your title framed and signed by Prince Micheal Of Sealand himself.