Medieval Titles

Who Could Get A Medieval Title?

Back in the Medieval era, the rules were much stricter, and social mobility between classes was almost impossible. If you were poor and without a title, you would remain that way indefinitely, and vice versa for those who held them. The older the title too, usually made them more significant in social stance, ranking from Royalty like the King/Queen and Dukes, down all the way to the least influential title – the Baron/Baroness. Sealand’s titles differ significantly, but the idea behind them remains the same.


Our Own Medieval Titles

Medieval Titles Now?

Many of the titles are no longer valid, as Medieval titles were once a significant aid in ordering society. It kept balance in a time where social systems had still not been perfected. But, with the passing of time, and the implementation of systems like parliament, our modern structure, and the need for Medieval titles became less necessary to the functioning society, and became much more of a social statement, than a class in themselves.


What Titles Does Sealand Offer?

You can find all of our “Medieval” titles on the store – linked below. From counts to lords, we have been inspired by the English of old, to do the same for Sealand. By buying a Medieval Sealand title, you actively are supporting our efforts in becoming a truly independent nation. Just like titles of England in the modern times, our titles are more to flaunt and impress, than for serious social and political implications.


What Comes With Our Medieval Titles?

When our purchase a medieval title from us – Sealand – you will of course receive your Medieval title, but you will also have sent to you, plenty of documents to help you confirm your title. On top of that, if you wish to upgrade your title, you can get your Medieval title come with a beautiful frame, and even be signed by prince Micheal of Sealand himself!