Peerage Titles

What Are All The Peerage Titles Sealand Offers?

Peerage titles are noble titles. If we’re speaking strictly English titles, then these titles would include: Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet, and the Knight.

Sealand offers an extensive list of their own English-inspired peerage titles, just for you. Similar to the Peerage titles of England, our Sealand titles include the Count, Duke, Lord, Baron, & a Sir title.

Inspired by our British neighbours, our official Sealand titles are respecting those titles of old. Retaining their hierarchy, each title holds a different weight in society.

So if you want to elevate your social stance with a noble title, then get yourself an official Sealandish title. Due to our borders lying outside of British territorial waters, we are able to sell our own titles with names akin to English peerage titles properly and legally.


Can I Obtain A Peerage Title From The Government?

Well, no. You cannot officially obtain most of the peerage titles from the government, as they are mostly hereditary. The only title you may obtain without being born into a family is the Lord/Lady title. This will count as a life title, and will not be passed down through the family. However, with Sealand titles, you are able to obtain many of the names you can’t normally obtain through the government.


Peerage Titles In Todays World

Although still persistent and very much alive, peerage titles have diminished in legal and social authority. These titles used to hold more weight in society, but now are simply more of a status, and an extension of the name. This is why a Sealandish title is just as valid as a normal title, allowing you to model yourself as a Lord, Duke, and more.


What Will I Receive With A Sealand Title?

When you purchase one of our coveted peerage titles, you’ll receive the certificate and all the documents you require to make it official! You will also receive a range of varying photos of the principality to finish off your title. If you want even more with your peerage title, you may add a frame and get your title signed by Prince Micheal Of Sealand himself.



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