Principality Notice Pn 022/04: International Cultural Activities

Principality Notice PN 022/04: International Cultural Activities The Principality realises that it is important to continue to develop its cultural life and the quality of living of its population, and has during the past year been involved in activities which integrate more fully the concept of art, which we believe may be defined as human expression of all kinds, into its social fabric.

To that end it has participated in two international exhibitions featuring not only artistic projects termed ‘micro-nations’ but also the reality of our micro-state. Held in Helsinki in September of 2003 and in Barcelona in June of 2004, both were successful.

A further artistic initiative involving the graphic depiction of our country and its life-style has been on-going for some months in the Netherlands, and we are most grateful for work in expressing the thoughts and feelings associated with our country in graphic form.

Full details of this project, MetaHaven: Sealand Identity Project, may be found on their web site,, and we are grateful for their on-going work. Of particular interest is their graphic presentation entitled “jewel box” which summarises both in scope and time much of our national history.

The Principality expects to continue to develop its artistic sensitivities and cultural activities and is pleased in this way to make what contributions it can in the hope of being able to enhance both the lives of its population as well as the lives of others in the international community.

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