What Is A Micronation?

Technicalities Of An Official Nation

First, we have to ask ourselves: what is a nation. In modern times, the ultimate definitive statement in the creation of a official state, is the acknolwedgement of the international community. Many proposed nations are simply refused true independance, just because the international community refuses to approve.

The problem with needing approval from other states, is that many nations are refused legitimacy, because of political and economic issues, rather than ethical and moral reasons.

For example, Taiwan is barely recognised as an official nation/country even though it has it’s own government and systems in place (and function independently as a nation), but because larger nations are afraid to bother China, they fly round acknowledging it as a nation. As a Micronation ourselves, problems like this legitimise our claims of independance, as the “true” claim to sovereignty isn’t very moral or proper at all. It is biased, and many peoples are refused independence by the international community, because of other political or economic fears and issues.

So, we believe independence comes from the nation itself, not from the approval of others.


So, What Is A Micronation?

A Micronation is an “unofficial” state which is often very small in size. It usually isn’t recognised by a majority of the international community, and holds a very small population. In the example of us, Sealand, our nation is small in size but mighty in supporters and external populations.

Those that have purchased out titles have all contributed to Sealands rise as a notable Micronation.


What Makes Sealand?

Sealand is no different from any other country in concept. Yeah, maybe by size, population and structure, but certainly not different in the concept of what a nation is in the first place.

Being a nation should not be because outsiders agree on the modifiers of becoming independent. We can see this with more substantial, unrecognised nations who entirely fit the requirements of a nation but somehow are not recognised.

Sealand has a people, and a range of those who hold our micronation titles


How Do I Support A Micronation?

You can purchase one of our very own official Sealandish titles. If you’re still wondering what is a Micronation; well, it is a strong, small nation, that perseveres, even when all odds are against it.

If you want to help Sealands fight for independence, get yourself a noble title today to not only help us, but propel your social status to the next level today.