Historic Titles

What Are They And How Many Are There?

What we mean by historic titles are that of Dukes, Lords, Barons, and all the other eccentric, well-respected titles of the past and present. These historic titles hold a strong weight that most find extremely valuable.


What Are All The Historic Titles?

If we speak strictly on traditional English historic titles, then the main titles would include: King & Queen, Prince & Princess, Duke & Duchess, Marquess & Marchioness, Earl & Countess, Viscount & Viscountess, Baron & Baroness, and Lord & Ladyship titles. Sealand highly respects the historic titles of the past, and in turn, have adopted many of their names and traditions for Sealand’s own lucrative historic titles.


Our Own Historic Titles At Sealand

Can I Not Get A Historic Title Through The Government?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a historic title through the government. Why? Well, these historic titles are mostly obtained by inheriting them through family. Historic titles are kept within wealthy, and prestigious families. Unless you want to marry into a family, you probably won’t be obtaining a historic title any time soon. However, at Sealand, we offer our own variation of all the historic titles, which you can place atop your name to give yourself a much needed social boost.


Historic Title's "Historic History"

Historic titles have evolved since the inception of England itself. The first example of anything that resembles these historic titles of today would be the Earl. For an extremely long period of time, the Earl was the highest historic title you could obtain, until Prince Edward – in 1337 – was awarded the title of Duke by his kingly father. Since then, each historic title has had their time of most importance, and entered the ranks of all the historic titles of England.


What Will I Receive When Purchasing A Sealand Historic Title?

Good Question: if you purchase a Historic title from Sealand, it will first come with the certificate of your Historic title. This will provide you with all the proper means necessary to confirm your historic title. It will also come loaded with plenty of photos of Sealand, straight from Sealands royal family. If you wish to better your historic title, then you may get the premium which will come personally signed by Prince Micheal Of Sealand, and be placed in a lavish, golden frame, just for your historic title.