Luxury Sealand Gift Bundle

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Luxury Sealand Gift Bundle: Embrace the Essence of Sealand

T-Shirts: Wear Your Pride

You will get two distinct tee designs, each telling a unique Sealand story:

White Sealand Flag Tee: A unisex tee that lets you wear the Sealand flag close to your heart. Crafted with 100% cotton, its sleek, minimalistic design comes with a warning: May cause a heightened sense of Freedom!

Grey Coat of Arms Tee: A bold unisex tee featuring the Principality’s Coat of Arms and custom Sealand font. Made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester, it's a statement piece that warns of the heightened sense of Freedom it may induce.

Keyring Collection

Carry a Piece of Sealand Everywhere
Flaunt your Sealand pride with our set of three keyrings: the brand-new "Make Waves" and "I Love Sealand", along with the classic "Coat of Arms" keyring.

Sealand Pen

Write with Liberty
Add a touch of Sealand to your office or study with our elegant pen, a symbol of our nation's enduring spirit.

"Holding The Fort" by Prince Michael of Sealand (non-signed)

Journey Through Sealand's Chronicles
Dive into "Holding The Fort", penned by Prince Michael of Sealand. This book is a treasure trove of adventures, challenges, and the undying spirit of Sealand over the last 50 years.

Sealand Desk Flag

Your Daily Dose of Freedom
Perfect for any setting - be it your office, home, or even your bedside table. Let this flag be a daily reminder of Sealand's enduring spirit.

Sealand Flag

Wave the Symbol of Independence
The Sealand national flag, a beacon of our freedom since 1967. Let it fly high and remind the world of our unyielding spirit.

2010 Sealand Stamps Collection

Stamp Your Legacy
A must-have for every collector, our 2010 edition stamps are a piece of Sealand's rich history. Available in three distinct colours, each stamp is a testament to Sealand's legacy.

This Luxury Gift Bundle is not just a collection of items, it's an embodiment of Sealand's spirit, history, and values. Perfect for those who cherish Sealand's legacy and wish to be a part of its future.

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