Office Sealand Bundle

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Office Bundle: Embrace the Spirit of Sealand


Sealand Mug

Liberty in Every Sip
Elevate your coffee breaks with the Sealand Mug. Not just any mug, every sip you take from this is infused with the essence of freedom and the spirit of Sealand. Remember, everything consumed from this mug is served with a side of liberty!

Sealand Pen

Write with Independence
Craft your thoughts, ideas, and dreams with the Sealand Pen. A tool not just for writing, but for expressing your freedom and individuality. Let every word you pen down resonate with the spirit of Sealand's independence.

Sealand Flag

Fly High with Freedom
The Sealand national flag is not just a piece of fabric but a symbol of our rich history, struggles, and unwavering spirit. First raised on the 2nd of September 1967, this flag has been a beacon of our freedom and independence.

Meaning Behind the Colors:

Red: A tribute to Prince Roy, our visionary founder.
White: Represents the path of virtue, a commitment every Sealander pledges to uphold.
Black: A nod to our origins in Pirate Radio, the foundation from which Sealand emerged.

Crafted to perfection, this 2ftx3ft flag comes with sturdy brass grommets, ensuring it flies high and proud, just like the spirit of Sealand.

Equip your office with the essence of Sealand. Every product in this bundle is a testament to our journey, values, and commitment to freedom and independence.