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In 1967, Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality on a military fortress, seven miles from the eastern shores of Britain. Sealand’s history and adventure has been defined by armed invasion attempts, the fighting of legal battles, countering a coup d’etat and surviving natural disaster while remaining fiercely independent. From this spirit our national motto was born: ‘E Mare Libertas’ (From the Sea, Freedom). Upon the declaration of independence, the founding Bates family raised the Sealand flag, pledging freedom and justice to all who lived under it. Following this, Sealand created everything you would expect from an independent country: a functioning government, passports, permanent population, constitution, currency, stamps and the means to defend our sovereignty. Today, the Bates family governs our small state as hereditary royal rulers. Join our adventure and get a Noble Title of your own.


How can becoming a Lord or Lady of Sealand add a touch of aristocracy to your life

Give yourself the title you deserve!

It supports a worthy cause🫶

The Principality of Sealand uses the proceeds from its nobility titles to fund its various projects and initiatives. By purchasing a nobility title, you’re supporting the Sealand’s efforts to promote sovereignty and self-determination. You’ll also receive a personalised certificate of nobility.

A sense of pride and belonging👭

The most meaningful aspect of being a Lord or Lady of Sealand is the sense of pride and belonging that comes with it. By becoming a part of the Principality’s aristocratic class, you’ll be able to join a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to upholding the values and principles of Sealand.

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What people say about us

Knight Of The Sovereign Military Order Of Sealand

“Being one of many Barons of Sealand is a great honour, it is why I decided to upgrade my nobility status to one of the Knights Of The Sovereign Military Order Of Sealand, I received my documents to Australia within two weeks of my purchase.”

Dragon Knight

Thrilled to be a lady of the beautiful Sealand

“Thrilled to be a lady of the beautiful Sealand! My noble title arrived promptly as promised, and their customer service was very courteous and responsive.”

Lora Palmer

The greatest country to ever exist!

“Beautiful country; would recommend for anyone. A government which takes pride having no major incidents, really something no other government has accomplished. The best to you, Sealand!”

William Parker

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You’ll get a free info pack with any of our Official Noble Titles. Plus, you’ll get free international delivery.

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