Principality Notice Pn 036/07: Persons Seeking General Visits Or Residence

Principality Notice PN 036/07: Persons seeking general visits or residence. It has come to the attention of the Principality government that claims relating to general visits or residence have been made in respect of persons seeking “asylum” or general rights of visitation.

It is a strict requirement in Principality law that any person visiting here or resident here must first have been granted a relevant visa in respect of that visit or residence.

Our application list for general visas has been suspended for some years and remains suspended; this is to protect our citizens and residents here and is strictly enforced.

The Principality has not does not and does not intend to permit or to grant to any persons visitation rights or residence without previous extensive security and legal checks; persons who are stateless or who seek residence here in an attempt to evade legal process in other States are not considered to be those who normally would qualify as “asylum” candidates and any application from such persons will be disallowed.