Sealand is embarking on a groundbreaking journey to establish the world's first decentralised digital nation, built upon the pillars of blockchain, AI, and sustainable innovation. As a Sealand e-Citizen, you won't just be an e-resident but also an active participant in shaping the future of Sealand.

Your E-Citizenship Subscription Unlocks

Free E-Citizenship Digital Card

Your digital key to Sealand's digital nation, granting you access to exclusive events, virtual spaces, and a thriving online community.

Guaranteed E-Citizenship App Access

Be among the first to experience our cutting-edge mobile app, designed to enhance your e-Citizenship experience.

Exclusive Store Discounts

Enjoy special offers and discounts on official Sealand merchandise, apparel, and collectibles.

Priority Access to Sealand VPN

Secure your digital presence and access global content with our upcoming state-of-the-art VPN service.

Early Access to Future Perks

As we expand our digital offerings, e-Citizens will receive priority access to new services, features, and opportunities.

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