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Prince Michaels Book

sealand whitehall letter

Well it seems that after years in the writing and hundreds of hours research, my book is going to be available in our online shop early April.

It has been fascinating researching it from both sides, especially the early days reading of governments views and concerns, a real eye opener!

As a taster you can see here an intergovernmental letter. It seems that much like Sherlock Holmes, my father had a nemesis named ‘Moriarty’ every possible
angle was used to try and thwart our ambitions.

Prince Michael of Sealand  

The reply to this letter is written in pencil in the top right. We have only been able to read some of it but please let us know if you can understand the pieces we have missed: This is going round in circles. I have already raised the question of Michael Bates education at meetings attended by the ****** they felt that the prospect of any fruitful ***** since the boy is outside the country.” 

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