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Princess Joan Commemorative Coin

joan sealand coin

This is the third official silver commemorative coin issue authorised by Sealand’s Treasury since 2012 and is struck to proof quality by the Tower Mint, UK, at their facilities in London. The memorial coin is designed by Michael Alexander whose obverse design includes a detailed portrait of Princess Joan facing to the left which is based on an official photograph taken in 2001 by Mr. Alexander on the occasion of the Principality’s 35th anniversary of independence. The designer’s initials “MAA” are placed to the lower right of the portrait. The text included around the portrait reads “JOAN SOVEREIGN PRINCESS OF SEALAND 1967 – 2016 E MARE LIBERTAS” (From the Sea, Freedom) the Principality’s official motto. The reverse side includes a full colour illustration of mimosas, a favourite flower of the Princess which are arranged to resemble the shape of a crest or coat of arms. The Princess’ own crown design is placed above the mimosas and a small black bow is placed below the arrangement. Text above the crest reads “PRINCIPALITY OF SEALAND” and the coin’s denomination of “25 DOLLARS” is just under the issuing authority. The text below the crest reads “REQUISCAT IN PACE 1929 – 2016” (Rest in Peace) The initials of the designer “MAA” are placed beside the primary design to the right.  This is the first coin issued by the Treasury of the Principality of Sealand to include a colour application on the reverse as part of the overall design.

Denomination Metal Weight Diameter Quality Mintage limit 
25 Dollars.925 fine silver28 grams38.6 mm.Proof & colour*300 pieces

The coin was authorised on the 10thMarch 2018, on the second anniversary of the passing of the sovereign Princess, and will go into production from the 20thNovember 2018. Each coin is individually encapsulated and presented in a custom black leatherette case imprinted with the Principality’s crest on the top cover. As with the previous 2012 silver coin issued in memory of Prince Roy and the 2017 silver coin issued to observe the 50thanniversary of Sealand’s independence, the memorial coin will be individually numbered from 001 to 300 and hallmarked which is applied on a smooth portion of the coin’s reeded edge using laser technology. A numbered certificate of authenticity corresponding to the coin’s actual number will be included. Sealand’s collector coins are retailed directly by the treasury of Sealand and orders can now be placed with dispatch & delivery commencing from December.

*Please note, the Princess Joan memorial coin is strictly limited to a mintage of up to 300 pieces with sales expected to be greater than previous coins due to the coin’s first-ever colour reverse design issued by Sealand’s Treasury.

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