Principality Notice PN 019/04: Fraudulent representation of Principality
It is regretted that fraudulent representations of our State continue to be found on the internet. Sites claiming to be associated with the Principality include:

These sites are operated by person or persons claiming with no basis to represent or to be part of the Principality government, and offer a number of items or services, some of which are claimed to originate officially from our government. All such claims are false and have no basis. One or more of the operators of these sites is subject to arrest and prosecution for these and other offences against Principality law, and the appropriate international officials have been notified accordingly.

The Principality structure of government is determined by its Constitution and a chart describing the link between the various offices may be found here. It should be noted that there are no ‘ministers’, ‘secretaries’, or other similar titles associated with the Principality, its civil servants, and its government. It should also be noted that the Principality offices do not include legations, embassies, consulates, or other diplomatic offices in Germany or in Switzerland at locations set out in the web sites above.

Further particulars from our government offices or verification of this text may be addressed by post to The Bureau of Internal Affairs, Principality of Sealand, SEALAND, 1001 [c/o Sealand Post Bag, IP11 9SZ, UK].