Watch Sealand on 60 Minutes: Unveiling the World's Smallest State

Watch Sealand on 60 Minutes: Unveiling the World's Smallest State
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Watch Sealand on ⏱️60 Minutes for an exclusive look into the Principality of Sealand, its fascinating journey to becoming the world's smallest state, and the allure of its history. Sealand isn't just the world's smallest nation, but a narrative of resilience, sovereignty, and a testament to the possibility of realising dreams, however unconventional, such as creating your own country.

When ⏱️60 Minutes visited Sealand, viewers were offered a rare glimpse into this unique country, revealing why it's more than just a point on the map. Governed by Prince Michael Bates, Sealand represents the epitome of autonomy, with its own currency, constitution, national anthem, and a deep-rooted love for tea, akin to its British neighbours.

Originally a strategic British fort during World War II, known as His Majesty's Roughs Tower, Sealand has evolved significantly. Its transformation from a military base to the world's smallest independent sovereign state is a story of tenacity and vision. Each corner of Sealand, from the first-class bedroom suite to the lower decks resonating with history, adds to its mystique.

The genesis of Sealand can be traced back to the era of pirate radio, where Prince Michael's father, Roy Bates, played a pivotal role. His audacious move in 1967 to declare Sealand an independent state was as much a political statement as a loving tribute, bestowing upon his wife, Joan, the title of Princess.

Throughout its existence, Sealand has witnessed battles for sovereignty, ambitious dreams, and has firmly established itself as a symbol of resilience. The Bates family's journey, marked by periods of challenge and triumph, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to Sealand's sovereignty.

In embracing the digital era, Sealand has transitioned from its pirate radio roots to becoming a haven in the virtual world. The principality sustains itself through the sale of Sealand titles, offering a unique opportunity for individuals worldwide to become part of its story by acquiring titles such as Lord, Lady, Duke, or Duchess of Sealand.

Sealand's feature on 60 Minutes offers a comprehensive view into this fascinating principality, inviting viewers to explore its history and the opportunities it presents. From its location in the North Sea to the possibility of visiting Sealand, every aspect of this principality sparks curiosity and admiration.

Experience the unique world of Sealand as showcased on 60 Minutes. Discover the essence of what makes Sealand a place of freedom, inclusion and creativity. Learn about the history of Sealand, the pride of holding a Sealand title, and the intriguing life of its monarchy. This feature is not just a narrative; it's an invitation to explore, engage with, and even become a part of the Principality of Sealand.

Watch the Full Feature on Sealand on ⏱️60 Minutes


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