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Help Shape The Future Of Sealand
Notícias da Zelândia
Estamos a procurar apoiantes para ideias que possam ajudar a moldar e assegurar o futuro do Principado de Sealand.

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32 thoughts on “Ajuda a Moldar o Futuro da Sealand | Principado da Sealand

Duke Gregory Pasden

Salutations to all Nobles of Sealand.

I share these comments as an experienced island developer.
1. What we always do is to ensure a source of potable drinking water first – It will be used in drinking, bathing, building, and sanitation.
2. Sanitation – We build a septic system. Only “black water” goes into the septic system. “Gray Water” will go into the gardens (but not into the septic system to ensure that the septic system is not over saturated).
3. Solid footers/foundation using lime as an additive to the reinforced concrete. In the event that a footer cracks, water will seep in and make contact with the lime, and it will re-solidify.
4. Food storage and food source – If you have available land, then maximize the production of crops that are hardy and indigenous to the environment. And obviously, there is the sea.
5. Security – Alert/Alarm, Deter, Delay, Defend.
6. Utilities – Solar Power, Tidal Power, Wind Power – Analyze what you need. Plan for development. Know how to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair.

There are more topics, but these points should be your key focus for now while you are in the planning phases.

Continued Successes!

Duke Gregory Pasden

June 7, 2023 at 14:52pm
Joe Breighner

No taxes right?

June 7, 2023 at 14:52pm

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