Sealand Seahawks Conquer Hamburg: A Weekend of Football and Friendship

Sealand Seahawks Conquer Hamburg: A Weekend of Football and Friendship
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On Saturday, 6th of April 2024, Sealand Seahawks Nationals booked their flights, packed their bags and were on tour once again, this time to Germany to play the Hamburg Huskies, a game that was set up in a bar in Palma after our match against the Voltors in November.

Only four months after the initial idea, thanks to the incredible committee at the Huskies, we were at Kasim Edibali Field in Hamburg, hiding in the changing rooms from a torrential rain storm on a Friday night, waiting to start training. The clouds briefly parted, and Seahawks old and new took to the field to test out new plays and get to know each other before the game.

In stark contrast, the following day, the weather was glorious sunshine, and the scene was set for the game, which unfortunately wasn't allowed to be called a game as the powers that be in the German league had said they wouldn't recognise it as a game (Not that it made much difference…)

The coaching staff, made up of HC Nick Benning, OC Mike Ireland, DC Mike French and assistant coaches Jess Guthrie, Amy Flanagan, and Karl Mallon, got the squad ready, and they went out to start the day with a joint training session with the Huskies. We always try to make it beneficial for our hosts, so we lined up against them for drills and then lined up alongside them to have some fun with it.

The captains, Oli DeRuyter, Chris Green, Mike French, and Rowan Milner, made sure everyone knew what they were doing on the sidelines and got them ready for the match.

In the first quarter, the Huskies scored first, a sublime pass threaded through the Seahawks' coverage, their receiver showing a clean pair of heels to make it into the endzone.

The Seahawks had to wait till the second quarter; while he's a newbie to the Seahawks, he won't mind me saying that Joe Thompson has done plenty in the British game, Joe Thompson scored his first touchdown pass to Steve Cox. Not long after, another newbie, Danny Castle ran to the right and, well, just kept going, all the way into the endzone for the Seahawks' second score.

Again, in the second quarter, the Seahawks pulled away further with a pass from Thompson to Masters veteran, making a guest appearance for the Nationals, Aaron Wheatley.

All the while, the Seahawk's defence was pulling some absolute corkers out of the bag- Captain Rowan Milner with a recovered fumble caused by Ryan Caley and later Milner intercepting a pass, as did Alex Abineri. Rhys Edwards showed his adaptability and did a great job at cornerback when his normal position is safety, and he gave a massive shout-out to the defensive line for causing havoc up front throughout the game.

The Huskies pulled scores back in the third with some fantastic passing by their quarterback bringing the score up to 20-20, but in the fourth quarter, Thompson connected with one of only a handful of players still in the squad from our very first game, Chris Green in the back of the endzone to take it to 26-20.

An ever so slightly controversial kick in the fourth quarter, blocked at the line, spun up in the air, caught by a Huskies player, fumbled and recovered by Seahawk's lineman Adam O'Reilly… Did it count? Are we having it a 28-20 scoreline or just 26-20?

Either way, the time ran out and the Seahawks came away with another victory, heading out that evening to the Hofbrau bar in Hamburg for the Huskies' amazing hospitality and a great night out.

Huge thanks and appreciation to the Hamburg Huskies; it was amazing.
MVP's of the game went to Joe Thompson on the offence and captain Rowan Milner on the defence.

Next up for the Seahawks are tryouts on the 6th of July in Leicester, then our charity beach flag tournament in Newquay, our charity match in Northants – The Prince Michael and Princess Mei Cups, the Shehawks head to Amsterdam to play their national team and we close out the year with the big one – Sealand Seahawks in Las Vegas.

- Sir Mike.

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You are doing a great job at representing our beautiful Principality!

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