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offshore island

We are reaching out to supporters for ideas which can help shape and ensure the future of The Principality Of Sealand.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve an open, free community to which we are able to welcome like minded supporters from around the world. Services and security for this community will need to be maintained, and can only be done so when constructed on a solid economical foundation.

Isolation from the international community has meant that for three generations now, Sealand has been reliant on funding from the Royal family, aided in recent years by the issuing of noble titles and merchandise to loyal supporters. To guarantee Sealand’s survival, we must build a robust, diverse and resilient economy. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, our fortress island home is some 74 years old, and needs constant repairs and improvements. Maintaining our land is vital in ensuring our citizens have a safe place to live. It is also a fundamental element to our existence.

Secondly, building a dependable economy will aid in our ability to spread the message of Sealand, and everything it embodies: The fight for freedom, the struggle for independence, and endurance against the odds.

To realise Sealand’s dream, it is imperative that we raise land around the existing fortress. This will need the contribution of knowledge from members of our community. If you can contribute practical ideas on this, we would love to hear them.

A field of particular interest to us and our supporters, and one we are dedicated to see play a central part in Sealand’s economy, is clean energy. We are proud to say that 100% of our day to day operations are powered by wind turbines. We are excited at the prospect of our involvement in the development and promotion of new, clean energy technologies, especially wind, tidal, wave and solar. So, help us build a stronger future for Sealand, for the betterment of everyone.

If you have ideas on how to implement or improve any of these topics, then we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to share them with us.

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