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Sealand Facebook page reaches 50,000 Likes

Sealand facebook

As the Principality’s Facebook page ( reaches 50,000 followers over the short period of time it has been established, it is amazing to think that some 46 years ago when Sealand first came about it was just a small family and a few close knit friends who were involved. I remember my father sitting myself, my mother and my sister down and saying those immortal words:

“I have an idea to declare independence from the UK. A separate Country. An Independent State. It might take some time…” 

Well he was right about that. At the time we had no telephone or radio communication with the outside world. We didn’t even have a TV set and the radio my parents would listen to the news on in the evenings  invariably didn’t work when we wanted it to. It was a world of utter isolation apart from the odd passing ship. Now we can reach out to the world via the internet but more importantly the world can reach out to us from just about anywhere.

Thank you for joining us in our adventure, giving your support, and taking an interest in our history. 

Michael of Sealand

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