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Sealand Nobility Ranks

There are five titles in the Sealand Peerage, with Dukes and Duchesses holding the highest rank of nobility followed by Counts and Countesses. The Knights of Sealand come in a close third, followed by Barons and Baronesses and then our Lords and Ladies.

Dukes And Duchesses

Dukes and Duchesses of Sealand hold our highest rank available to the public. To be granted this exclusive title is a privilege only suited to the most prestigious and deserving of Sealand supporters. The title Duke originates from the Latin term “dux” which translates as “The Leader” due to holding the highest title of nobility. Our Dukes and Duchesses immediately gain access to an abundance of information regarding their new homestead and a personalised proof of title gold card. Our Dukes and Duchesses are addressed as “Your Grace” by their peers and referred to as “His/Her Grace”. Dukedoms are historically inherited by Royal blood but with Sealand we are able to offer Duke or Duchess titles to any of our supporters. 

Counts And Countesses 

Our second highest title of nobility is held by our Counts and Countesses (Earl being the British equivalent). To become a Count or Countess means to gain an exclusive position within the Sealand Peerage. The title means Warrior and our Counts and Countesses should show courageous qualities to deserve this title of nobility. This is the only title other than Dukes and Duchesses to receive a personalised proof of title gold card. 


The Knights of Sealand are an exclusive group of nobles who belong to The Knights Of The Sovereign Military Order. They are selected to protect and defend our nation. Our Knights exert bravery and courage as true supporters of Sealand. Only our chosen Knights have access to the Knights Code of Chivalry, an exclusive document available to our Sirs and Dames. Our Knights can use their title from the moment it is announced, without having to wait for their certificate to arrive. The Knights of Sealand are to be addressed as Sir or Dame amongst peers.

Barons And Baronesses 

Barons and Baronesses originate from the old Germanic term “Baro”, which translates as “Freeman” or “Soldier” in Latin. Barons were typically granted land to them by the King, meaning adding a piece of Sealand territory to a title will complete the ultimate and historically correct Baron or Baroness title. Barons were first introduced in England when William I used the title to distinguish people who had pledged their loyalty under the feudal system. Serval members of the British Royal Family also hold a Baron title, Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) is also known as The Baron Carrickfergus. 

Lords And Ladies

Our ever so popular Lords and Ladies are guaranteed to be a part of Sealand forever, our titles never expire and will last an entire lifetime. Any member of the public can become a Lord or Lady of Sealand and will be featured on Sealand’s Royal Register (the Royal Register is only able to be accessed by The Sealand Royal Family). By becoming a Lord or Lady of Sealand grants the ability to fill out forms and identification using the prefix “Lord” or “Lady”  and to be referred to as “My Lord”, “Your Lordship” or “Your Ladyship”. Holding this title immediately upgrades your social status. 

Whichever title you choose, from Dukes and Duchesses to Lords and Ladies, every noble Sealand member is treated as a unique and prestigious member of the Sealand Royal Peerage, anyone is welcome to join our Nation. 

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15 thoughts on “Sealand Nobility Ranks”

  1. Quoi que d authentique noblesse ancienne je suis fier d avoir reçu du prince Michael les titres de Lord et Baron du Sealand….longue vie au Prince a sa famille et a la principauté

    1. Good evening, I risk paraphrasing other comments but too bad, I am French and recently raised to the title of Baron of Sealand by Prince Mickael and I am very proud of it, thank you long life and prosperity to the principality!

  2. Steven Kelly Getty Rimmer

    I became a Knight of Sealand on 12/18/2020. After that i was Ordain as a Christian. Know I am a Christian Knight. Fighting for Christianity truth and our LORD Jesus Christ. Long Live Thee Knights Templar Soldiers of Christ, Defenders of Sealand. Sir Rev, Steven K G Rimmer. Long Live Prince Michael of Sealand.

  3. Lady Emily Bell Swinford

    I’m only a Lady, but I hope to someday work my way up to being a Duchess. I plan to buy every title in-between over a span of many years to help financially support Sealand. E Mare, Libertas!

  4. Count Genz Of Sealand OMS

    I enjoy my noble title and my Knighthood so much, I recently Got the title of title of Lord for my 9 year old son after after he was So interested in sealand nobility nobility and titles..

  5. Duke Jay Sadhoe

    I am from the Netherlands and proud to be called Duke of Sealand. I hope trips to Sealand will be available in the near future, so I can get to see my country in real life. Also nice to see comments from my other fellow nobles on here. Cheers everyone. E Mare, Libertas!

  6. I have the honor of being both a Duke and a Knight of Sealand.
    My lovely wife is a Duchess, and our teenage daughter is a Lady.

    I am hoping to get an noble introduction created by Henry Chaucer.

    Be Safe, Be True, Be Noble.
    Duke Gregory, OMS

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