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Sealand Turns 54!

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Last week we marked 54 years since the birth of Sealand. 

Our Independence Day celebrations were notably low key this year, with the majority of Sealanders remaining in their native countries as our ongoing battle to remain one of the only countries in the world to report zero COVID cases continues.

We caught up with Prince Michael for his thoughts on Sealand reaching 54: 

“When we raised the flag for the first time, I was barely 15 years old. If you had told me then of the adventures we would have, and the journey we would go on, I would have felt immensely proud and excited, but I probably wouldn’t have believed you!”

What does the next 54 years have in store for Sealand?

“My two sons, James and Liam are ever more involved in the day to day running of the Principality. They have some great ideas as to how to keep Sealand alive and relevant in the coming years. A lot of this centres around digital initiatives, such as crypto and blockchain technology, which is pretty exciting when you think of how it could connect Sealand to the world. I’d also love to see the Sealand fortress expanded upon, as this would really make waves and realise some more of our potential”.

Finally, how have you managed to maintain zero COVID cases?

“We researched as much as we could, and listened to the advice from other governments around the world, but of course we are in a unique situation in which it’s relatively easy to control our borders. I couldn’t sit here and tell you that our measures are 100% the reason for zero cases, as there is no magic formula to guarantee that you can keep the virus away. In the end, it comes down to minimising risks, being practical and alert but above all respecting the health of others”.



Comment below with what you would like to see from The Principality of Sealand in the next 54 years.



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12 thoughts on “Sealand Turns 54!”

  1. I agree with loving to see the country expanded. What could be done to facilitate this? building another fortress? Or building land as some graphics I have seen have shown?

  2. Just a thought, but you could create a digital Sealand on Decentraland or one of the others. Then lots more people can become citizens and support us.
    You could also raise some capital by creating Sealand NFTs.
    BTW, zinc acetate is the best way I know of fighting viruses. I’ve used it for years and swear by it now.
    Duchess Debbie

  3. Congratulations on a memorable landmark of 54 years. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if next year citizens could gather to celebrate on terra firma sealandia!
    Keep safe!

  4. As a Sealander and as a citizen of Earth, I wish that more people would follow the precautions and procedures recommended by medical experts. I’m very glad that Sealand has zero COVID cases.

    I admit I missed the 54th anniversary, but will make a note so I’ll be ready to celebrate the 55th!

    And I did write an article for Yahoo about Sealand that you can see in the Internet archives at

  5. Am fully vaccinated and just recently awarded the National Emergency Medal for efforts during the 2019 Flood Disaster in North Queensland Australia.

    Congratulations on 54 years of sovereignty and here’s to many more.

    Warren Kelly JP(Qual) FAIES SGIM
    Baron of Sealand

  6. I wouldn’t encourage trying to expand Sealand as it will only enrage the other countries surrounding as they are jealous!
    Suggestions as to where I can get the Sealand flag tattooed on my body?
    Lord Ali of Sealand

  7. Congratulations on 54 glorious years! I feel privileged to know your story and to be considered as part of Sealand nobility! I regularly stand on the Essex coast and view the Principality through my binoculars. One day I trust to earn the privilege to visit my adopted country.

    Much health and prosperity to the Royal family and I look forward to hearing how Sealand prospers in the years to come.

    Lord Philip

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