Personalised Coat Of Arms

Personalised Coat Of Arms


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Personalised Coat Of Arms

The Principal Heraldic Artist designs each personalised coat of arms based on the applicant’s background, values, significant life events and Sealand Title. The artistic style stays true to traditional designs for heraldry but with a Sealand twist. Some of the Sealand specific elements include a new ‘fur’ reflecting the marine life and unique coronets and helms denoting ranks.

What’s included:

– A Personalised Coat of Arms elegantly presented in a frame.
– Grant of Arms certificate – detailing the different elements of your granted Arms.
– Folder to protect your documents.
– PDF version for your own use.

Additional options for your Personalised Coat Of Arms

– An original hand-illustrated version of your Personalised Coat of Arms.

The Sealand Heraldry office provides the opportunity for people to request their own personal arms, created by the Principal Heraldic Artist and Officer of Arms. Each coat of arms will be registered with the Sealand College of Heraldry and approved by the Director of the Sealand College of Heralds, Prince James of Sealand.

Due to the nature of this item, our normal delivery schedule does not apply. After you place your order we will contact you with a timescale dependent on how many applications are being processed.

For more information please email:

If you’re on the lookout for a quality gift or purchase for yourself, a framed coat of arms could be the thing you are looking for. With the ability to customise it, you can purchase a family coat of arms in the UK here which is a brilliant addition to any family home and is sure to impress anyone lucky enough to gaze upon it. Your personal coat of arms can be tailored to your requirements just make sure you don’t regret what you choose! Buy a coat of arms here today at Sealand for an affordable price.
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