Personalised Coat Of Arms


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Personalised Coat Of Arms

The Principal Heraldic Artist designs each personalised coat of arms based on the applicant’s background, values, significant life events and Sealand Title. The artistic style stays true to traditional designs for heraldry but with a Sealand twist. Some of the Sealand specific elements include a new ‘fur’ reflecting the marine life and unique coronets and helms denoting ranks.

What’s included:

– A Personalised Coat of Arms elegantly presented in a frame.
– Grant of Arms certificate – detailing the different elements of your granted Arms.
– Folder to protect your documents.
– PDF version for your own use.

Additional options for your Personalised Coat Of Arms

– An original hand-illustrated version of your Personalised Coat of Arms.

The Sealand Heraldry office provides the opportunity for people to request their own personal arms, created by the Principal Heraldic Artist and Officer of Arms. Each coat of arms will be registered with the Sealand College of Heraldry and approved by the Director of the Sealand College of Heralds, Prince James of Sealand.

Due to the nature of this item, our normal delivery schedule does not apply. After you place your order we will contact you with a timescale dependent on how many applications are being processed.

For more information please email: [email protected]

Sealand FAQ

How does the Coat of Arms design process work?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an online form to complete. After you have filled this out, Sealand Heralds will have all the information they need to get on and design your arms!

Can I be involved in the design process?

There is a comments section in your questionnaire where you can include any extra information you would like us to consider for your Coat of Arms design. Sealand will endeavour to incorporate your wishes as long as they fall within our heraldic practices. Please note that Sealand Heraldic Artists have full discretion over the final design of your arms.

Can I order a coat of arms for my family name?

It is commonly misunderstood that Coats of Arms are created for families or surnames. Abiding by this rule of heraldry, Sealand only grants Coats of Arms to individuals.

What supporters do Sealand use?

Sealand uses a variety of creatures as supporters, but only those that can swim and fly! Heralds grant supporters based on your personal application so unfortunately Sealand does not take requests for specific supporters.

Is there an option to include a personal motto?

Yes you can include a personal motto. Please note we only accept mottos in Latin with 30 characters or less.

Can I register my existing personal Coat of Arms with the Sealand College of Heraldry?

Yes this is possible. In order to create a Sealand version of your existing arms Sealand Heralds will need the blazon (written description) along with visual references. It is important to note that the Sealand College of Heraldry has its own artistic style and particular elements which may be included / excluded such as supporters, helm etc. Please ensure you still complete the questionnaire and note your request in the comments section. Accompanying imagery can be emailed to [email protected] once you have filled out your questionnaire.

I have so many ideas for my arms, how do I know what will be included in the design?

This is part of the heraldic process and simplification is key in a strong Coat of Arms. Sealand Heralds are experienced in distilling your personal story into key features, colours and elements to create a unique Coat of Arms just for you.

Can I order a coat of arms to represent a partnership eg. Marriage?

Yes. The College of Heraldry offers marshalling whereby your Coat of Arms and your partners are combined side by side and granted as a separate registration in the Sealand College of Heraldry. Please note that you will need to have purchased both Coats of Arms individually before this is possible as Coats of Arms are only granted to individuals. Email [email protected] find out more about this service.

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