New Sealand Stamps Collection 2023

$22.00 USD


New Sealand 2023 Edition Stamp Collection

This special collection of stamps is here to celebrate the essence of Sealand's rich history, marine treasures, and our unwavering spirit of freedom.

The new Sealand stamp collection is sought after by stamp collectors & stamp enthusiasts alike.

This special edition of stamps is available in seven formats and is denominated in Sealand Dollars.

Each stamp format represents the following:

 1. The Fort

The Fort stamp is more than an artistic representation, it embodies Sealand's enduring spirit. This contemporary depiction of our iconic fort signifies Sealand's steadfast resilience amidst challenges, from political confrontations to nature's tests. The design, inspired by historical architecture, highlights the fort's sturdy structure set against the vast ocean backdrop. Beyond its visual appeal, The Fort stamp is a nod to Sealand's innovative vision and a tribute to the pioneers of our sovereign nation. Each glance at this stamp takes one on a journey through Sealand's rich legacy, celebrating our unwavering commitment to freedom and progress.

2. The Independence Day Flag

Relive the moment Sealand declared its sovereignty, a pivotal chapter in our history.

3. The RIB

Celebrate the lifeline of Sealand, our primary mode of transport connecting us to the world.

4. Sealand Flag Prints

For our global supporters, a flag flown high during international sports events, symbolizing our worldwide presence.

5. Inland Seal

Admire the serene beauty of seals from Sealand, a nod to the rich marine life that surrounds us, as well as our enthusiastic football mascot!

6. The Crab

A tribute to the ocean's bounties, showcasing the crabs caught right from Sealand.

7. The Seashell 

Raising awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans, this stamp symbolizes Sealand's location in international waters.

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