Sealand Stamps Collectors Dream

$72.00 USD


Stamps Collectors Dream: A Journey Through Sealand's Legacy

Sealand 2010 Edition Stamp Collection

Vintage Elegance Meets Sealand Spirit
Every stamp enthusiast knows the value of a unique collection, and our 2010 Sealand Stamps are the epitome of uniqueness. These stamps, sought after by collectors worldwide, are a testament to Sealand's rich history and its commitment to preserving its legacy.

Available in three captivating colors, each stamp is a piece of art:

Green and Black: A classic combination that resonates with Sealand's deep-rooted traditions. Priced at £14.99.

Red and Black: A fiery blend that captures the passion and spirit of Sealand. 

Blue and Black: Representing the vastness of the ocean that surrounds Sealand. 

New 2023 Edition Sealand Stamp Collection

Celebrate Sealand's Evolution
Introducing the 2023 Edition of Sealand Stamps, a special collection that not only celebrates Sealand's history and values but also pays tribute to the diverse marine life surrounding our principality.

Stamp Formats:

The Fort: A modern interpretation of Sealand, symbolizing our forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation.

The Independence Day Flag: A tribute to the day Sealand declared its sovereignty, a pivotal moment in our history.

The RIB: Representing the lifeline of Sealand, the RIB is the sole mode of transport connecting us to the outside world.

Sealand Flag Prints: A flag for the supporters, flown high during international sports events, showcasing our global presence.

Inland Seal: A nod to the serene beauty of seals that can be admired from Sealand, representing the rich marine life surrounding us.

Inland Crab: A tribute to the bounties of the ocean, showcasing the crabs that are caught right from Sealand.

Inland Seashell: Symbolizing Sealand's location in international waters, this stamp raises awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans and their treasures.

The Stamps Collectors Dream bundle is more than just stamps; it's a journey through Sealand's past, present, and future. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors, this bundle is a celebration of Sealand's legacy and its commitment to a brighter, sustainable future.