Duke & Duchess Couples Noble Title

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  • Please enter both legal names in the box below, specifying the intended Title for each individual (e.g., Duke Mike Smith & Duchess Anne Smith)
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  • You'll receive one Couples Noble Title Deed with your official Noble Titles and both full legal names.

For assistance, reach out to us at contact@sealandgov.org.

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Duke & Duchess
Duke & Duke
Duchess & Duchess


Seal Your Love with Nobility: The Ultimate Anniversary Gift



Duke/Duchess Title pack includes:

  • Our highest rank of Nobility
  • Luxury parchment Deed of Title featuring embossed gold Coat of Arms
  • Your Title Deed personally signed by Sovereign Prince Michael of Sealand
  • Premium frame to display your Title Deed
  • Premium document holder with embossed Coat of Arms
  • Personalised proof of Title Gold Card
  • Sealand history & information pack
  • Photos of the Principality
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Duke & Duchess, Duke & Duke, Duchess & Duchess