Classic & Digital Noble Title Bundles

Classic Title Deeds (Lord, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Sir, Dame)

Join Sealand’s noble ranks with our Classic and Digital Noble Title packs. The Classic option offers you a gold-embossed parchment Title Deed and a journey through Sealand's fascinating history, accompanied by stunning photos and an official document holder.


Digital Title Deeds (Lord, Lady, Baron, Baroness, Sir, Dame)

For a more sustainable choice, our Digital Titles provide an environmentally responsible way to claim your nobility. Receive a digital, printable Title Deed, alongside a comprehensive digital Sealand information pack. Embrace your noble status while contributing to the planet—each digital title purchase results in a tree planted, symbolizing your commitment to both nobility and nature.


All Classic Title Deeds are beautifully presented in an official paper document holder accompanied by a complimentary 6-month FREE SEAMAIL subscription.

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