Notm 029/06: Modification Of Declared Exclusion Zone

NOTM 029/06: Modification of declared Exclusion Zone (This notice replaces NOTM 028/06) Following the fire in the Principality on 23 June 2006 the Bureau of Internal Affairs announces until further notice an exclusion zone for all general shipping of 1 mile radius from the Principality structure. This is to permit maritime engineering works and associated craft to attend the Principality for the reconstruction and consolidation of damage caused. It is expected that significant traffic associated with these works may exist at any time in the immediate vicinity of the Fort. Shipping should also note that maritime radio and weather services have been withdrawn for the time being. The 2-mile exclusion zone earlier declared [NOTM 028/06] is hereby cancelled. Further information from or Bureau of Internal Affairs, SEALAND 1001 (c/o Sealand Post Bag, IP11 9SZ, UK).