Principality Notice 017/02: Visits To The Principality

Principality Notice 017/02: Visits to the Principality Due to the current international situation and other factors, visits to the Principality of Sealand are not normally permitted. Accordingly, the application list for visas is for the time being closed. Emergency or other special circumstances suggesting that a visit might be appropriate require prior approval from the Bureau of Internal Affairs [], SEALAND, 1001 (c/o Sealand Post Bag, IP11 9SZ, UK) and may be considered by making written application.

All requests are carefully considered and a delay of at least 30 days may be expected before a decision is made. It is highly unlikely that permission to submit a visa application would be granted. In the exceptional case that a request is judged favourable, an application for visitors visa form will be forwarded from the Bureau to the intended applicant and following its return by post by the applicant will then form the formal request for further detailed consideration.

Successful applicants will be sent a visa to be produced to Sealand Immigration before travel to the Principality and full details of other arrangements appropriate to the visit will be included in the mailing.