Prince Michael Remembers A Close Friend Of Sealand

Prince Michael Remembers A Close Friend Of Sealand
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Prince Michael remembers a close friend of Sealandโ€ฆ

After the German/Dutch invasion of August 1978, when I was held prisoner for several days until being forcibly put on a Dutch trawler and released in Holland, our subsequent counter attack by myself, my father and several fellow Sealanders was Some adrenalin rush!

Read my full story in my book 'Holding the Fort'.

If you have ever watched the 1969 Bond film โ€œOn her Majestyโ€™s Secret Serviceโ€ starring Telly Savalas, Diana Rigg and the much maligned George Lazenby who played a square jawed but somewhat naff ย second Bond, after the charismatic Sean Connoryโ€™s portrayal of Ian Flemmings โ€œdevil may careโ€ secret agent and seducer. You would be forgiven for missing our good friend and fervent supporter of Sealand who flew one of the helicopters,ย the actor and stunt pilot John Crewdson.

During one action packed part of the film, a fleet of helicopters claiming to carry Red Cross aid to some disaster zone in Italy swoop down on the baddies fortified layer in the Swiss alps, to the very moving strains of the John Barry orchestra and the rattling of machine gun fire. As they are given the word to attack, the lead pilot (John Crewdson) complete with stick on moustache looks back at the camera and gives a macho grin.

John Crewdson

Some ten years later he is doing it โ€œfor real, for the first timeโ€ as he so proudly put it afterwards. with โ€œreal baddiesโ€, the sound of โ€œreal gunfireโ€ ringing in his ears as he wrestled his helicopter into position and the Sealand special unit assault team fast rope down a hundred foot above the raging North sea onto the Sealand helideck to recapture the fortress island.

Prince Michael of Sealand

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