Our New Website Is Online!

Welcome to our updated Official Sealand web site!

Please take a moment to browse all of the new features!
We have a forum available for Sealand supporters to express their opinions and ideas on anything from the legal/political position of Sealand to what the Sealand community envisages for the future!
The Shop has been modernised and our Media Gallery will contain a vast collection of video, images and sound clips from various Sealand Interviews and documentaries from around the world.
There will be important updates and weekly Blogs by Prince Michael and various Sealand residents in the News section.
The Sealand newsletter will be put out in monthly editions and each one will give an intimate insight into the everyday workings of the Principality of Sealand (Go to the bottom of the page to sign up).
Please post the link sealandgov.org to your Facebook and Twitter and help generate awareness of Sealand!
Thanks for everyone’s continued support!

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