Become A Lady

How To Become A Lady

If you’ve ever wondered how you might obtain one of those coveted titles like Doctor, Professor, Lord, Lady and Sir, then you’ve come to the right place. Becoming a Lady has never been easier. To become a lady, it’s a lot simpler than many might assume. A lady title is a prestigious title, after all; boasting a certain value which is bestowed upon those with one. Thanks to the royal family of Sealand, you don’t need lots of land or a fancy mansion to obtain a noble title. By purchasing a Deed of Individual Title Ownership from Sealand, Prince Micheal will grant you the title of Lady. You may style yourself as a Lady and present to others under a much more prestigious and serious title. Although this title will not grant you acres or land or heaps of money, it will instead give you a peerage title to be proud of, which will last with you until the very end.


What Do I Receive When Purchasing A Ladyship Title

Delivered to you by post, your Sealand Lady title pack contains an official folder, containing all the requirements you need to become a lady. Inside the folder, you will receive all information you need to know about the principality, with the history of Sealand, photos to exhibit our beautiful nation, and much more. If you choose our premium lady package, you will receive your certificate/lady noble title in both a frame and signed by Prince Micheal Of Sealand. If you wish, you also have the option to purchase a piece of Sealand territory with your lady title, which will fund the preservation of the unique principality of Sealand for years to come. It will also create awareness of our location and land, allowing us to solidify our claim to independence and legitimacy.


It's Never Been Easier To Become A Lady!

Whether you’re buying this present as a gift, for yourself, or any other reason, this lady title will change your life. Giving your name a much-needed update, these titles are sure to put a smile on your face and many others around you. A perfect choice of occasions like birthdays, this lady title is great to purchase for those that may be hard to buy for, or seem to expect the unusual/ something different than usual. Why have a title that everyone has, when you can stand out from the crowd and own your very own lady title. Become a lady today with Sealand’s lady nobility titles. Bring those nobility dreams to life today and purchase one now!



Become a Lord or Lady

Become a Lord or Lady

From $29.99 USD
Become a Count or Countess
Become a Duke or Duchess

Become a Duke or Duchess

From $749.99 USD
Lord & Lady Couples Noble Title

Lord & Lady Couples Noble Title

$53.00 USDFrom $38.00 USD
Baron & Baroness Couples Noble Title

Baron & Baroness Couples Noble Title

$106.00 USDFrom $75.00 USD
Sir & Dame Couples Noble Title

Sir & Dame Couples Noble Title

$265.00 USDFrom $186.00 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Delivery Take To Become A Lady?

Your Lady title will be delivered between 5 and 10 days. This window includes all Worldwide deliveries (including USA and Australia).

What Is Included In The Standard Title Pack For Ladies?

Your Standard Lady title pack will include your personal title ownership, information and the history of Sealand, photos, location information and an official documents folder.

My Lady Title Won't Arrive In Time. What Can I Do?

We are able to immediately send all of our customers a PDF version of their Lady title. This is also handy if you wish to post your title online.

How Long Will My Lady Title Last For?

Once you’ve purchase your title your royal status will last your entire lifetime, there is no expiration date or need to renew.

What Does The Premium Lady Title Pack Include?

The Premium Lady title pack includes all the elements of the Standard pack but upgrades your personal title to be framed and personally signed by Prince Michael of Sealand.

Is A Record Kept For All Lady Title Purchases?

Only the Sealand Royal family have access to any Lady titles recorded in the Royal Register.