English Titles

What Are All Of The English Titles?

There are many different English titles still present in the modern day. Similar to English titles, Sealand has adopted many of their respected names, stature and importance.


What Are All The Sealand Titles?

The Sealand titles are very similar to English titles. The English titles “Count”, “Duke”, “Lord”, “Baron”, And “Sir”, are some of the most well-known and significant English titles in all of English history, and so, to honour their prestigious origins, Sealand adopted these names. When purchasing a title from Sealand, you are receiving an official title under the name of Sealand. An English title is not obtained by money, but by your birthright to have one – which we believe is harshly unfair. English titles should be that bestowed to those who deserve them, and so Sealand has given many an opportunity to receive an English title through the Principality of Sealand.


English Titles At Sealand

How Do I Obtain An English Title?

Unfortunately, as mentioned, you must be born into a majority of the titles listed, and are usually kept within respected and aristocratic families. Many who already possess official English titles cannot have their titles revoked also, committing the person to the title throughout their life; however, a Sealand noble title will engrave your name with a title without having to have been born into any prestigious family. Sealand is able to title those due to being an independent state out of the reach of Britains control. Strewn within the sea, Sealand is able to title those who wish to bolster their name with an English title.


History Of English Titles

The history of English titles stretches through the centuries, far back into our past. There’s a reason why they’re so coveted, because they have persisted through cultural, historic, and significant changes, without falter. The first conception of a Noble english title came even before the concept of a Monarch, with many historians believing that the Baron and Earl predate all of British Peerage. Notable moments in the evolution of all the English titles is the removal of the Earl, the addition of the Duke and Marquess introduced in the 14th century, and the rank of Viscount later added in the 15th century. From one major change in England to the next, these English titles have endured nearly the countries entire history. And there, Sealand decided to honour that heritage, and our own Sealand noble titles are named after many of the English titles of old.