Female Peerage Titles

Sealand's Female Peerage Titles

We believe that all those deserving should be able to achieve a noble title, our peerage titles for women are extremely popular for gifts, as a way of showing friends and family that they should be treated like royalty! We offer five different titles; the Duchess title holds the highest rank available, followed by our Countesses, Dames (Knights), Baronesses and then our popular Lady titles.


Female Peerage Titles At Sealand

The Meaning Of Each Female Peerage Title

Duchess: The term Duchess originates from the latin term “dux” which translates as “the leader”. When you become a Duchess it is expected that your peers now refer to you as “Her Grace” or “Your Grace”.

  • Countess: This title has links to the term “Warrior”, suitable for women that show courage and strength.

  • Dame: Sealand Dames are part of an exclusive group who belong to The Knights Of The Sovereign Military Order, they are to protect and defend.

  • Baroness: The term Baroness originates from the Germanic term “Baro”, which means “Soldier” in Latin.

  • Ladies: A Lady is the female equivalent of a Lord and is used to describe women of high social class or status.


What's Included In Peerage Titles For Women

Our two highest ranking female noble titles, Duchess and Countess are the only titles to come complete with a personalised proof of Title Gold Card. All of our titles can be purchased as a Premium Title, where you will receive your Premium Deed framed and signed by Prince Michael of Sealand. All titles include information about The Principality of Sealand, history of Sealand, location information, photos of the Principality and an official folder to keep your documents safe.



Baron & Baroness Couples Noble Title

Baron & Baroness Couples Noble Title

$104.00 USDFrom $73.00 USD
Become a Lord or Lady

Become a Lord or Lady

From $29.99 USD
Lord & Lady Couples Noble Title

Lord & Lady Couples Noble Title

$52.00 USDFrom $37.00 USD
Sir & Dame Couples Noble Title

Sir & Dame Couples Noble Title

$259.00 USDFrom $181.00 USD
Become a Count or Countess
Count & Countess Couples Noble Title