How To Become A Duchess

It’s A Grand Privilege To Become A Duchess!

There’s a certain weight the title holds, that follows the title-holder with pride. The highest title of nobility, a Duchess title allows you to be addressed as “Your Grace”, and you may be referred to as “Her Grace” in nearly every social situation. Do you want to become a Duchess and rise above what your already are? Do you want to ascend to the next tier of fine living? As an independent state that resides outside of the borders of the United Kingdom, all of our titles are official and legitimate for use.

As mentioned, Sealand is set far enough away from the English coastline, that it is able to be its own independent micro-nation. When buying your new Duchess title, you are directly helping us in the fight and struggle for our freedoms and true independence. With your purchase of a Duchess title, Sealand has a tighter grasp on its own identity, supported by thousands of loving members. The more Duchess titles, and more, the more we thrive.

So, we sincerely thank anyone who decides to change their life for the better and help us in our strife for recognition and independence. You will be joining an impressive class; with the likes Kate Middleton, holding the title of The Duchess of Cambridge – a title granted during the reign of Richard II. If you feel you or someone you know deserves to be considered in these ranks, taking on the title of the Duke or Duchess of Sealand is the perfect answer!  


Owning A Piece Of Sealand Territory With Your Duchess Title

An additional extra you can add onto your Duchess title package, is the purchase of some Sealandish territory! When you purchase additional land, you will receive a Property title certificate and a square foot of Sealand territory to prove your ownership. When purchasing a title with some land, you are directly helping us improve our state, keeping Sealand high above the sea for years to come!

What You Will Receive With Your Duchess Title

Your Official Duchess Title Pack will include a Framed and Personalised Individual Noble Title Deed personally signed by Prince Regent Michael of Sealand, a personalised proof of Title Gold Card and all your Official Documents will be presented in an elegant folder. You will also receive an abundance of information about your new homestead, including information on the Principality of Sealand, the location and history of Sealand, photos of the Principality and its Royal Family, a complete World Fact book entry, a structure of the Government and biographies of Prince Roy, Princess Joan and Prince Regent Michael.



Become a Lord or Lady

Become a Lord or Lady

From $29.99 USD
Become a Count or Countess
Become a Duke or Duchess

Become a Duke or Duchess

From $749.99 USD
Lord & Lady Couples Noble Title

Lord & Lady Couples Noble Title

$53.00 USDFrom $38.00 USD
Baron & Baroness Couples Noble Title

Baron & Baroness Couples Noble Title

$106.00 USDFrom $75.00 USD
Sir & Dame Couples Noble Title

Sir & Dame Couples Noble Title

$265.00 USDFrom $186.00 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between The Duchess And Other Titles?

Our Duchess titles are the ultimate titles of nobility, they are the highest title we offer to the public, only suited to the most deserving and prestige. the Duchess is arguably the most prestige of all titles, albeit one with most history to its name.

How Long Does It Take For Duchess Titles To Be Delivered?

All of all orders take between 5-10 days to be delivered to the recipient. This includes all UK orders as well as orders to Australia and the USA.

My Lord Or Lady Title Won't Arrive In Time. What Can I Do?

We are able to immediately send all of our customers a PDF version of their Lord or Lady title. This is also handy if you wish to post your title online.

Are There Records Kept Of All Duchess Titles Purchased?

Yes, Sealand keeps a record of all Duchess titles purchased but only the Sealand Royal Family have access to The Royal Register.

I Have Ordered Duchess Title For A Gift But It Won’t Arrive In Time. What Can I Do?

Although we only offer standard delivery we provide all of our title purchases with a free online PDF version for immediate use. Also ideal for using on social networking sites to show off your new title.

Does My Duchess Title Expire?

Our titles have no expiry date, your Duchess title will be valid throughout your entire lifetime and you will always be an important part of Sealand.

What Is Included In My Duchess Title Pack?

You will receive a framed, personalised and signed noble title deed, a proof of title Gold Card, information of the location, government structure and history of Sealand. Also included are photos, biographies and a complete world fact book entry, all presented in an official folder.