Replacement ID Card - Upgrade to the All-New Sealand ID Card

$34.00 USD $27.00 USD SAVE 21%

Important - if you wish to update your original details such as ID photo and/or full name, you will need to update & confirm this via the YOTI App. Instructions will be provided after your order has been made.


Renew your noble status and continue to be a part of our esteemed Sealand community.


Carrying over 50 years of Sealand history in your pocket, Sealand ID is a guaranteed conversation piece.

At Sealand, we strive for excellence. The all-new Sealand ID Card represents a significant enhancement to your existing Sealand ID, ensuring your continued distinction and elevated status.

By upgrading to the all-new Sealand ID Card, you continue to carry the remarkable legacy of Sealand with you. Showcasing your renewed commitment to Sealand's nobility, this card serves as a symbol of distinction and pride. Preserve your place in Sealand history and reinforce your connection to our extraordinary sovereign state.

Details: Metallic silver PVC card that securely holds information on a magnetic stripe on the back.

To complete this application you will be required to download the free “Yoti app” to your smart device. It’s a fast, simple & secure way to verify your identity for your Sealand ID.

Please note, if you are making this order as a gift, they will need to complete the application process themselves.