Ultimate Sealander Bundle

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Ultimate Sealander Bundle: Dive Deep into the Heart of Sealand

Sealand Desk Flag

Your Personal Beacon of Freedom
Whether you're at the office, relaxing at home, or even a die-hard Sealand supporter wanting a nightly reminder, this Sealand Desk Flag is perfect. Let it stand as a symbol of your allegiance to the world's smallest country.

Sealand Flag

Fly the Legacy of Independence
The Sealand national flag is more than just a flag; it's a piece of history. Raised first on the 2nd of September 1967, it has since been a symbol of our undying spirit of freedom.

Colours that Tell a Story:
- Red: A salute to Prince Roy, our pioneering founder.
- White: Symbolizing the path of virtue, a journey every Sealander is dedicated to.
- Black: A nod to our origins in Pirate Radio, the very essence of Sealand's birth.

This 2ftx3ft flag, complete with durable brass grommets, is designed to wave high, echoing the spirit of Sealand's independence.

Brand-New Sealand Keyrings: I Love Sealand & Make Waves

Keys to the Kingdom
Carry a piece of Sealand wherever you go with these brand-new keyrings. They're not just accessories but a testament to Sealand's incredible journey and enduring spirit.

"Holding The Fort" by Prince Michael of Sealand (classic - not signed by Prince Michael)

Unravel the Sealand Saga
Dive deep into the heart of Sealand with "Holding The Fort", penned by Prince Michael of Sealand. This book is not just a collection of pages but a journey through Sealand's unbelievable adventures over the last 50 years. From armed terrorists and family dreams to government sieges and top-secret documents, this book unveils it all. With unseen photos from the family's personal collection, it's a treasure trove of history.

Praises for the Book:
- “The story of Sealand is stranger than fiction, better than Hollywood and more surreal than Dali” - Ben Fogle

- "The story of Sealand is like an Ealing comedy crossed with a Bond film and scripted by John Le Carré. It's a rip-roaring yarn, a classic Boy's Own tale... The story of Sealand is also a story of a family; loyalty, respect, and devotion... The definitive tale from the man best qualified to tell it." - Charlie Connelly

The Ultimate Sealander Bundle is not just a collection of items; it's an experience. It's a deep dive into the heart, soul, and history of Sealand. Whether for you or a gift for someone special, this bundle is the epitome of Sealand's spirit.